Founded in London in 2020 by Shaun Keane (also known as keanezo). The designs are a harmonious amalgamation of the classic and the futuristic, inspired by the timeless beauty of the Garnet gemstone. His appreciation for classic products and their origins, matched with his drive for unique but fresh creations, allows a meaningful purpose to flow through the brand's output.

Garnet intersects the worlds of workwear and streetwear, creating an exquisite range of durable and functional garments, that exemplify the very essence of luxury fashion. Giving the community the chance to express their individuality, in a truly elegant and sophisticated way.

The brand takes additional foundations, through Shaun Keane’s Jamaican-British heritage and London upbringing. Garnet positions community at the core, through the brand ethos ‘Just like grandma's house’. Exploring the welcoming and home feeling that it strives to offer its members. The saying travels further into the overall design and aesthetic of the brand.